iMAME Emulator Available At The App Store - Download For Free Before It Gets Removed!

By  at Thursday, December 22, 2011  

There are only few emulators available at the App Store. Apple has not been very kind to emulators in the past! But TouchArcade has reported that iMAME ROM Emulator is available at the App Store right now, which is quite surprising! Somehow this emulator has managed to pass Apple's review team. So we are informing you about it so that you guys can grab it before it gets pulled off the App Store.

iMAME will allow the users to run thousands of classic arcade titles if they have access to the original MAME ROM's. The possibilities offered by this new emulator are endless if you know how to use it! The app includes 10 classic arcade titles, which includes Robot Bowl and Star Fire. But there have been rumors that other ROM's can be loaded into the iPhone such as a .zip file with a tool like iExplorer, without jailbreaking the device.

Apple has let many questionable apps into the App Store as of late such as iTether. You can grab the app from the App Store through this link before it gets pulled off.

Games might not be such fun to play, however, users can install their own MAME roms. Through an iOS file transfer program, users can add a .zip rom to the Docs folder through the Phoneview. iMame also supports the iCade.
(via TouchArcade)

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