How Piracy Affects The Jailbreak Community

By  at Saturday, December 03, 2011  

Filippo Bigarella, being well known in the jailbreak community and his new app. Springtomize 2, released yesterday making headlines in this community, couldn’t have written a better post than this one in which he appears to be a much more mature and realistic developer.

He is a young lad with an excellent brain. He has been regarded as one of the best in the jailbreak community at such a young age. His comments on pirating ‘Springtomize’ have shed light on the issue of how piracy hurts the jailbreak community.

Filippo comments are as follows:

I’m 17 now, and I develop tweaks because I like doing so and because I’m earning money for my future studies at university. I spent a lot of time working on Springtomize and its copy protection, and now, after 24 hours, thousands of people are getting all this work for free (I started working on it almost 4 months ago).

Also, I always tried not to charge too much for any of my products, because I know that spending more than $3-4 may sound expensive.
If you want to start figuring out what I lose, just calculate (let’s say) the 10% of all pirates (assuming that’s the lowest part of them that would have bought the program legally). The rate is 1:80 = legit : pirates.
I’m not saying I’m the first dev whose stuff gets pirated, I know, this is how things happen every time. I just thought I had to spend these 3 minutes writing this.. Now, back to work (even If my motivation is really low at the moment).
I mentioned above of Filippo being mature because just being 17 years old and producing such incredible jailbreak apps (PasswordPilot, SMSPlus,FlashLock, Springtomize, etc.) doesn’t make him sensible but the approach he adopted of earning to afford his school fee and giving away free copies of his apps through many Cydia sites gives a picture of him driving down the road of fortune.

On top of it, he doesn't charge more than 4$ for his softwares as he knows that in order to make a place in the market, he has to be more realistic in his prices.

I feel people consider developers more of a robotic nature who sit and do coding that’s it rather in reality, they are people like us. The only and the biggest difference is that they develop softwares and we cant.

Filippo, as many others, has to face the issue of Piracy that gives a distorted image of the standard of morality we have set for ourselves. For Springtomize users, 1:80 is the ratio of legal to illegal users plus huge number of complaints from users of malfunctioning of Spingtomize which is so disappointing.

Piracy not only de motivates such brilliant developers but also is a useless tool of stealing the hardwork of these people. It’s not fun that you pirate someone’s hard work of months and years and then supply it to the users to give the whole community this impression that you don’t care who is being harmed by all this illegal and inhuman activity.

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