Hacker Lights Up Fireplace With Siri (VIDEO)

By  at Sunday, December 04, 2011  

SiriProxy, though recent but known to many, has been brought into several uses other than what it is programmed to do by Apple. Knowledgeable users are enabled to accustom Siri commands to several uses through server hack.

Mark Hodder, a freelance webmaster, is one of the masterminds who controlled his fireplace, Christmas lights and other appliances by using Siri. He posted the information about his Home Automation Project on his blog.

In his setup, he used an ioBridge and several X10 modules to control his appliances and switch sockets which are in turn controlled by the SiriProxy installed on his MacBook. This is an awesome feat to watch.

We may say, SiriProxy has it’s limitations as the users knowledgeable in Ruby and other programming languages may be able to make use of it but still advances done in it, by developers are awesome. We hope that these developers or Apple itself will bring this aspect of SiriProxy into the market for the public.

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