Google Voice Search Now In Arabic

By  at Wednesday, December 07, 2011  

According to the Google officials, the Arabic version of voice search is available now. This service was launched by Google in Dubai on Monday. Considering the huge amount of users in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt etc. According to the Google mobile’s official blog site, Google application can identify 29 languages and accents now in 37 countries.

This application is available on iphone and android version 2.2. In order to get application in android you need to change the phone language settings while for the iphone users you just have to choose the language from the language menu.

Users will have the access to search the internet by talking directly into their phones for example say ‘morning’ in Arabic and Google will provide you with the search results. The Arabic voice will also work with the search, maps and translate etc. The users in Middle East will get results quickly and easily through this service.

Google hired the local staff in order to record the local native speakers. MENA product marketing manager Najeeb Jarrar said that “voice search has traditionally be in English but Arabic is much more difficult for us to be able to make work as a voice search”. The officials said that the advantage of this application is that the more people use it the better it gets. The application was launched on Monday and will be available within hours up to several days.

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