Google Navigation Bar Redesigned with Drop-down

By  at Thursday, December 01, 2011  

The most famous search engine ‘Google’ is now offering a new eight options navigation bar where as it offered only three options before. This new navigation bar will have a drop down menu to be found under the Google logo. According to Google this new navigation system will reach most users at the end of this week and it will help to navigate quickly between the services and will make it easy to share the right stuff at the right time.

6 months old black navigation bar is now replaced with an idea of a new system. The current bar takes up a precious space on the screen said by Google officials. The new bar includes new looks for search, news, maps, gmail and other Google products. It has three main features: a drop down menu under the Google logo, a search box for Google service you are using and Google plus notification and share tool.

The redesigning of navigation bar will also create the attention of new users of Google plus social network and it would help to compete its rival facebook in an efficient way. Although some of the users are already using the new bar but if you are not seeing it on your screen then don’t panic and just wait until it strikes on your monitor.

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