Google -Mozilla Deal Renegotiation

By  at Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

Many users these days seem to switch from one browser to another as to fulfill the need of some selected issues. After trying out the new web browser they would still go back to the classic ones that have been used all that while.

Web tracking firm StatCounter reported that Google has overtaken Mozilla to become the second most popular desktop web browser in the world.

Mozilla and Google are renegotiating a deal by which Google shares ad revenue that results from the searches the browser drives to its site.

The partnership which Mozilla renewed in 2008 was set to expire in November. Mozilla, although non-profit and needs money to operate, seems fortunate that deal appears to have been renewed, despite increasing the competition between Mozilla and Google’s browsers.

Mozilla was a pioneer of many innovations in the early age of web browsing, including the introduction of tabs and built in search, both of which have been adopted by Google Chrome.
Google and Mozilla haven’t publicly disclosed their many deals but based on Mozilla’s vague statement the deal was worth an estimated $85 million in revenue last year.

The tech writers weren’t sure about the renewal of the deal specially when in September Mozilla moves to partner with Google’s arch –search rival Microsoft for a special “Firefox with bing “in which Microsoft’s Bing replaces Google as a default search option in firefox.

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