Facebook faces Privacy Issues

By  at Monday, December 05, 2011  

Facebook’s growth as an internet social networking has met criticism on many issues including online privacy. There have been several issues with censorship, both on and off the site.

Mark Zukerberg admitted himself that on privacy issues his social networking website had made “bunch of mistakes”. Facebook has overcome it’s misstep in the past to emerge as a world largest social networking site and one of the internet’s most influential companies.

Facebook had faced charges like it had shared users’ personal information with the third party without their consent.

Facebook believes that it happened for small limited instance.

Mr. Mark has written in his post that Facebook had already addressed Federal trade commission’s (FTC) concerns when the agreement was announced by FTC.

FTC has recommended improvements to review and formalize the privacy issue. The co owner of Facebook said that the website will establish biannual independent audit to ensure their commitments they have made.

The company had created two new corporate privacy officers to over look Facebook products and privacy policy and company has added new privacy features as well.

Facebook will have to face the fine of US$ 1600 per day in case of any violation as mentioned by the FTC chairman.

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