Code Names For All iOS Versions

By  at Sunday, December 04, 2011  

If you are one of those who have heard enough of Android's Sweet code names and wonder does Apple's iOS have code names too then it's your lucky day. A developer Steve Troughton-Smith has released the code names of all the iOS versions till this date.

Though less popular than the Android's dessert fiasco, many of you might be interested in finding out what they are. They may also explain the default login password to the iOS given by Apple which all jailbreakers rely upon these days.

This is the complete list :

iOS 1.0: Alpine (1.0.0 – 1.0.2: Heavenly)
iOS 1.1: Little Bear (1.1.1: Snowbird, 1.1.2: Oktoberfest)
iOS 2.0: Big Bear
iOS 2.1: Sugarbowl
iOS 2.2: Timberline
iOS 3.0: Kirkwood
iOS 3.1: Northstar
iOS 3.2: Wildcat (iPad only)
iOS 4.0: Apex
iOS 4.1: Baker
iOS 4.2: Jasper (4.2.5 – 4.2.10: Phoenix)
iOS 4.3: Durango
iOS 5.0: Telluride
iOS 5.1: Hoodoo

If you are into jailbreaking and are an enthusiast, you may know that "alpine" is the default password for every iPhone when connecting over SSH, which is also the code name of the first ever iOS.

So what do you think of these code names? How do they sound in front of the Google temptations? Share your thoughts below!

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