Camera-Based Handshaking System Next In Apple's Plans.

By  at Saturday, December 03, 2011  

Patent applications can be a good indication of what things companies are looking at to add to products but at the same time they don't always show signs that these things will surely make their way to market.

That said, this time there is a new means to send and receive data between two devices via another patent application from the boffins at Apple. To build a secure connection, system will use the device's camera.

Folks at Patently Apple state that in order to make the connection, device's camera can be used to identify different markings or an on screen image.

"For example, each device can present a seed to be identified from an image taken by another device. Each device can generate an identical digital handshake key by using extracted keys or seeds. In order to define a safe communication path between two devices and for secure information sharing, this digital handshake can be used."
This thing is likely to be used in social networking, gaming or even retail.

Moreover, Apple also mentions users who log in into devices such as Macs through their iPhones. People will probably be using their iPhones or iPads to this camera in order to authenticate themselves.

Do you want such technology to penetrate into the market or you are satisfied with just passwords and PINs?

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