Apple will Release Apple TV in Three Different Sizes from 32" to 55" [Rumor]

By  at Tuesday, December 06, 2011  

There has been a lot of rumors about Apple TV, some says that it will be released in the June of 2012 with elegant display,iCloud and App Store support. While other explain that it will have personal assistant Siri, just like the new iPhone 4s.

Earlier today, A well-known Australian website Smarthouse has posted another news about apple TV. According to this website, Apple will release TV in three different sizes from 32" to 55".
As posted on the website:
“The Apple TVs will incorporate a new processor that is set to appear in the iPad 3, which is due midway through 2012. A totally new software interface has been written that allows users to call up programs using voice commands via the new Siri personal assistant app built in the ipad, iPhone and directly into the TV.

Sources at a major Japanese company who are involved in manufacturing the TV believe that the 55″ model will compete with new Smart TVs from Samsung and LG that will have new processor built in while offering a combination of OLED display, as well as new Super HD TV technology from LG.”

Apple TV will also have ability to do some cool stuff like improving the Picture quality of HD content. That's not enough from this website, they also said that new Apple iPad will be released in next year and it will have a core A6 quardcore processor. What do you think about Apple TV and iPad3?

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