Apple Gadgets Top Teen Wishlist This Christmas (REPORT)

By  at Thursday, December 01, 2011  

Surveys reveal that this Christmas, the Apple gadgets top up the wish lists of teenagers. A pre-holiday survey by researchers at Piper Jaffray has indicated that the Apple products are increasing in the wish list and they have seen the trend move up over the years.

When asked, teenagers said that they want iPod, iPhones, Macbooks and iPads the most this and previous Christmases since many years now. And each year the demand seems to have risen, like in 2008 the demand for Apple products was 7.3% and now in 2011 it has gone up to 11.2% while money was on 22% and clothes on 15%.

This clearly shows how popular Apple products are among youngsters and how they would only prefer clothes and money over them and nothing else. More people are demanding for iPhones and iPads while the demand for iPods has gone down this year. Now more people want iPhones.

It is speculated that this kind of trend is not only limited to teenagers but yound kids of say age 8 want the same kind of things. These new Apple gadgets are driving the entire population crazy and totally addicted.
[via Apple 2.0]

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