Use Siri for Voice Dictation on a Mac with Mobile Mouse

By  at Sunday, November 20, 2011  

Now with this awesome new application “Mobile Mouse” released by the apple store you can now use your iPhone 4S to control your Mac or PC. The application is a must have for all the iPhone 4S owners. It turns your iPhone into a motion based mouse, track pad and a wireless remote and a text dictator for your computer.

You can now control your PC/MAC while relaxing on the Bed with this application that turns your iPhone into a universal remote for all the Media Applications. Download and install this application and take control of your presentations from anywhere in the room, check your mails, browse your photo library or control your music player while you relax on the couch. With the new dictation button you can now use SIRI to dictate text to you PC via iPhone 4S using the Mobile Mouse Application.

Some of its awesome features are:
  • Mouse based on the Accelerometer technology (translates your hand motions into mouse movements)
  • Vertical and horizontal use of the track pad
  • File browser
  • Multi - touch gestures ( Supports Scrolling and right click )
  • Media Keys (Shortcuts to control media applications)
  • Numeric keyboard
  • Hot-keys to run different applications
  • Works with multiple displays
  • Built for both MAC and Windows

Feeling too lazy to type on your keyboard? All you need to do is install Mobile Mouse Server on your PC and install the Mobile Mouse Application on your iPhone and start dictating text to your PC, browse the Web, Control the music player while you sit back on your couch and relax.The new version 2.6.1 of the application is available on the Apple’s App Store.

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