Use Facebook Timeline on iPad 2, 1 using "Timelines for Facebook"

By  at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

Facebook revealed its amazing Timeline feature in September. This feature is beta and is not public yet, but the app developers on Facebook can enjoy this great feature. Timeline is actually the replacement for old news feed with this story-board type profiles.

As this new timeline is not even public yet so, we can't expect release of this new timeline for the iPad soon. But the guy who made Mypad, a famous Facebook and twitter app, has worked to make a new app for iPad called, Timelines for Facebook. By using this app you can visit friend's timeline in any order. The best part about this app is that it is absolutely free.
“A beautiful new Facebook experience for the iPad. Flip through the story of your life & view beautiful photos in a new social experience. View profiles as an interactive story that is visually stunning with swipe-based navigation. Flip through profiles and Timelines in alphabetical OR random order.”
Before installing this app, keep in mind that timeline feature is not released publicly, so there will be only a few number of your friends who has activated the timeline. However, you can install this app and enjoy the timeline feature on your iPad.

You can download this App from iTunes [Download Link]

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