Top Five Cydia Tweaks for iOS 5 - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

By  at Friday, November 25, 2011  

The best thing about jailbreak community is that they introduce many amazing tweaks which makes the usage of iPhone or iPod Touch easier and make them more elegant as well. We have tried to compile five new but must have Cydia tweaks for iPhone. Details are below:

1. InstaURL:

With the help of this tweak you can perform web search from any where on your iPhone. You can search via different search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) as well. You will have to set options via activator. From there, you can select Search Engine and method of activation for this tweak as well.

According to developer:
Browse the web literally from anywhere on your device with a simple gesture set via Activator. You can even search Google, Yahoo, or Bing, easily just by typing your search in the box and hitting Go.
However, you can get this tweak from Cydia store for just $0.99 only or can also try Quickgoogle from Cydia for free.

2. Customcolor:

Customcolor is the second jailbreak tweak which helps you to change the color of dock labels and the non-Dock Lables as well. Under settings, there are simple RGB sliders to adjust the colors of your labels. The best part about this tweak is that it is absolutely free of cost in Cydia store. So, don't forget to download this tweak.

3. noOTA Badge:

Well, if you haven't updated your iPhone to latest software (iOS 5.0.1) than this tweak will help you get rid of the annoying badge on the settings. This tweak is very much light and absolutely free too. Just Download it from Cydia store and get rid from this annoying badge on settings.

4. StatusBarSeconds

Statusbarseconds is another little but cool tweak which will do nothing huge, but simply put seconds on status bar on your iDevice. This simple tweak is also free of cost.

According to developer;
Adds seconds to the StatusBar clock. Useful if you want to know if your device is frozen
5. No Icon Label for iOS5:
This is the least but the my favorite tweak among all. This tweak will remove all the labels from application on your springbroad. This tweak will also cost you nothing.
This tweak removes the label from your applications. There is no option to configure. Unistall to disable.

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