Switching To The iPhone 4S After Selling Your Old iPhone

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So the new iPhone 4S is in the markets now and you are so looking forward to have one for yourself. In this thrill, you have done all the possible research on the carrier selection, storage size that you need but of course that can be done only when you get your old handset disposed of properly.

Neither you are not looking forward to keep your previous iPhone (or whatever smartphone owner you are) with you as an extra set, as an iPod touch or thinking of just giving it away to some relative then you must get to some way of selling it at some reasonable price and let the cash roll in. so here are a few things that can be done before you are all set out to make the transaction by using numerous wonderful services.

Ensuring that old iPhone bags a better deal

In order to get to the best possible price for your old iPhone, make sure you follow the following steps:

1.Jailbreak the device: Unlock your iPhone after Jailbreaking it. This certainly gives its price a higher push. This enables the device to run on the additional apps via Cydia or enables it to get another carrier’s services like T-Mobile in the US or any of the international GSM carrier.

2.Apparent condition: It is very much obvious that a device looking as good as new is going to bring in more money. Keeping your iPhone as brand new and in good shape will always work as a plus point. For example, a fine conditioned iPhone 3CS will get you almost $230 whereas a 3GS in excellent condition will make you earn as high as $300. When it comes to iPhone 4 and 3GS, I myself have witnessed a great deal of price dependence on its condition. Try to give it a good cleaning before selling it off.

3.Delete all your data it contains: Make sure that before you hand it over to someone else in return of a lump sum amount, you have run a thorough clean-up of your device. Here is a quick How-to-post to help you out with the process.

Declaring your iPhone is for sale
Done with all the basic homework, now is the time to decide which service would be the best to choose before we move any further. A lot of online services are available to assist you in this sale. Just giving you the details of only a few popular names:


eBay is very simple to use to make the transaction however there are few things that need to be taken care of. The most important of all is that the eBay charges fee on every item auctioned there. So here are a few tips to get to the highest bid:

i) If you are using PayPal as mode of payment, only ship the item to the buyer’s confirmed address with PayPal.

ii)If you are using Buy It Now, then try to get to a much competitive price.

iii)Always try to use the pictures close to reality portraying true description and quality. Always be blunt if your iPhone has any defect and point it out on the display picture.

iv)Mention your item description while using the fastest shipping service.

v)In order to get more buyers interested, always use keywords in your title and item description.

vi)Get your item insured in case there is some mis-happening during the delivery through the shipment.

vii)Be careful of low feedback buyers.

Craigslist works locally, so if you are opting for it then you must be exchanging your item with someone face –to-face from the same area. Try to keep the following rules in mind:

i)Never advertise your personal home address.

ii)Put your personal phone number if you are comfortable with it , but email is always another option.

iii)Make the transaction during daytime in some public place.

iv)Craigslist is notorious for email scams, be very careful of it.

Craigslist has some stories related for being not so good source as people get robbed while doing the transaction so you need to be very careful.

Gazelle has a service that can turn the electronic device into cash. You only have to send your iPhone and it will send you the amount after authenticating the description of your item. The first step is to inform Gazelle that what are you selling and the item is in what condition staying very honest and rate it from poor, fair, good or excellent. It prevents from any possible misconceptions. It is always good if you still have the original documents of your item, its box and cables with you. After checking for any damages, the service puts forward a price. You can get paid $215 for an average conditioned 6GB iPhone 4 and $250 for a perfect-conditioned iPhone 4. The whole process is completed in a week. It is hassle free service and payment can be made using PayPal or you can also put up other items on sale while you are still at it.

Its service is similar to Gazelle’s and it lets you transact the item and the payment with least hassle. Hence buying your old Mac or iOS device, the only thing you need to do is to provide pictures along with a serial number next to your item description and condition. On receiving the item, SellYourMac.com cleans it, verify it to be free of defects and then further sell it off on eBay. Again payment mode can be PayPal where SellYourMac.com also promises to get you the highest bid possible. So choose the service carefully!

5.Recycle Program by Apple Inc.
Apple Inc. has come up with a new iPod and Mobile Phone Recycling Program so in case you are not willing to go for any of the above mentioned services for selling your smartphone, Apple will grant you with a reasonable amount in exchange. For a perfect-conditioned 32GB white iPhone 4, it will pay $200 in the form of an Apple Gift Card which can be further used to buy iPhone 4S. In such a case, iPhone 4S is bought at no charge (with a 2-year contract, of course). For a black model, you can get up to $180. However it gives the $105 gift card for iPhone 3GS.it also offers to give a new 8GB model of the same iPhone in exchange of a signup for a 2-year contract.

6.Personal transactions
Despite all these services available, it’s your call to go for them or you can still use the old way of selling it, i.e., person to person transaction with some acquaintance of your own.

Only make sure that you make use of the tips given above and always remember that accessories like Square can even let you take credit cards right on your own device now, if cash isn’t as convenient.

Bonus tip: If you have any cables or adapters of the item being transacted, always include it in the package, as the whole parcel is going to get you higher price rather than selling them individually.

Using any of the service whether eBay, Craigslist or any other, for selling your old iPhone, we hope this artcle will help you guide in the right direction. Do let us know if you have any questions or additional suggestions in the comments box below!

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