Sprint Airs commercial of iPhone 4S

By  at Monday, November 21, 2011  

Well, this is the first time that Apple has released any iPhone from Sprint network. For now, iPhone 4 8Gb and iPhone 4S are available on the Sprint network and the best thing is that Sprint has record-breaking sale of iPhone. Sprint has on aired the new commercial of iPhone.

Like many other Ads this ad also depicts the apps from the App store. The best thing about Spring network is that it is the only network which offers truly unlimited data on iPhone. Here's the text of the commercial:
With over half a million apps, there's no limit to what the iPhone can do.So why would anyone want to limit the iPhone?We don't!
Only Sprint offers truly Unlimited data for the iPhone

You can also order your iPhone 4S from Spring Network by following this link for Just $199.

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