Siri Vs Microsoft Windows Phone Tellme Voice Control [Video]

By  at Friday, November 25, 2011  

Earlier this week, there have been lot of talk between Siri and Microsoft's Voice control Service on Windows Phone. According to Microsoft's Chief executive said that they already have Siri like voice control since the launch of Windows Phone. And Apple used this featuring for marketing of the new iPhone 4S.

Well, honestly there is hell of difference between both features. Siri is really intelligent assistant, but Microsoft's Tellme technology will only search for web pages. Using Siri, you can send text messages, set the meetings but you can't do anything like that on Microsoft's tell Voice control. Even Microsoft's Tellme voice control will not understand you properly. But Siri, kicks every device in the market.

Jason Cartwright of TechAu has made a comparison of both technology by putting both technologies side by side and saying the same thing and here's the proof, You can decide by yourself.

What do you think does Microsoft has this Siri-like feature?

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