Siri Plugins: Send message Via Google Voice, Wake up Computer, Open and Control apps on a Mac

By  at Tuesday, November 29, 2011  

Siri can control your Car and even your TV.What else do you want? Recently, a developer has posted a video on YouTube showing three new plug-ins for Siri. Using these plug-ins you can send text message via google Voice, Wake up your computer from sleep and even open any application on your computer from Siri. The most amazing thing is how you can launch apps and control them on your Mac using Siri.

The first plugin shows how one can send SMS using Google Voice. The second one is utterly different, it shows who you can wake up your computer by simply ordering Siri. The third Plug-in is the one i like the most, because by using this Plugin you can launch any app on your Mac. You can even control those apps. Like in the iTunes, Play, Stop, Pause, Next, Volume up and Volume and many other options.

Everything is possible by the help of developer, who created a Siri proxy , opening many ways for other developers as well. If you were a developer what would you like to do Siri for you?

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