Apple Testing Siri Compatibility With iPhone 4

We are hearing that there is still a chance that Apple will be bringing the feature to older iDevices such as the iPhone 4 so if Apple adds this features to the old iDevices such as iPhone 4 this will let many users take off from buying the new iPhone 4S.

According JailbreakNation Apple is testing Siri on iPhone 4
Today, we have a very interesting bit of news, tipped to us by a source close to Apple. According to them, Apple is testing Siri on devices other than the iPhone 4S. The device specifically mentioned to us was the iPhone 4, but we can most likely assume that other devices are being tested as well. This means that we will potentially see a software update that allows Siri to run on older devices. Currently, it only runs on the iPhone 4S, but Apple has given employees access to a special software version that incorporates Siri’s features on to older devices. Hackers and developers are currently working for a port, but if Apple releases this in a software update any time soon, they may not need to.
Another source also confirmed to Appadvice that the test went really well as far as performance is concerned. Unfortunately, the microphone of the iPod touch 4G is not as good as the one on the iPhone; this could hold Siri back from that device if it can’t be overcome with software.

If Apple port Siri to iPhone 4 or to the old i-device this will affect the iPhone 4 selling.

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