Siri Commercial Parody [Fight between Husband and Wife]

By  at Thursday, November 17, 2011  

One of the main reason of selling the new iPhone 4S is the Siri, Intelligent assistant for the new iPhone 4S. Ever since, it is released we have seen different commercials and parodies of this intelligent service. Well, now College humor, have made the parody of new iPhone 4S and Siri’s commercial.

Note: This video contains Adult Language/situation.

The best thing about this video is that it depicts the conflicts between a husband and wife in a great way. It shows that how Siri can try to settle down the matter between a couple.

However, Actually Siri doesn't act like this and try to calm someone, but the way Apple is seeding the new builds; probably it will be possible in the near future. No doubt, Siri is a great revolutionary product released by Apple and could be pinned to the list of Era-defining products by Apple.

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