Siri can control your Entire Room: Curtains, Fans and Lights [Video]

By  at Wednesday, November 30, 2011  

Earlier today, we posted that you can send messages via Google Voice using Siri, Control and Launch different apps on your Mac Siri and Even can Control your car using Siri Proxy. Well, we have another amazing video for you.

According to hacker:

Using SiriProxy I am able to control any of the devices in my house. These are a couple things I can do in my room so far. More to come!
In this video, the hacker shows that how he can control his Entire room using Siri. When he says, Siri, Can you please close my curtains? And siri Closes the curtains for him. The developers has also tried to Tun On the Fan and even to turn off the lights.

From these kind of news, it is clearly shown that Siri is revloutionzing the world by opening many ideas and things. This is all by the help of plamoni who Cracked open Siri’s security protocols which lead the developers to put their data so that they can come true their ideas using Siri.

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