Scroll in Apps using Accelerometer - iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad [Cydia Tweak]

By  at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

Do you want to use your iDevice's Accelerometer other than using it in games? Are your tired of scrolling through different web pages or in different apps using your fingers or thumb? what about using your iDevice's accelerometer instead of using those fingers for swiping. Well, a new jailbreak tweak has just been released in Cydia, called Physcroll, It helps you to scroll through any web page using your iPhone's accelerometer.

According to developer:
It works with any application! Download it, select the desired activation method going to Activator preferences (Settings -> Activator), open an app and activate PhyScroll. Then you just need to tilt the device/press the volume buttons to scroll! If you are using iPad, you can enable manual scroll selection. This option will ask you in what scroll you want to activate PhyScroll, and it's useful for applications that have multiple scrolls, like most of the iPad apps.

Under the settings, there is another cool option which will help you to scroll using Volume buttons. iPad users will also have an extra option which will help them to activate manual scrolling. That's all about this tweak, you can download PhyScroll from BigBoss repo in Cydia just for $1.99. You have to jailbreak your device, if still didn't do it, you can go to our Jailbreak Wizard and it will guide you.

Well, Practically, we didn't find it so much important, but it would be amazing to jealous your friends. What do you think about this tweak?

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