Samsung mocking at iPhone 4S in a new TV Ad

By  at Wednesday, November 23, 2011  

Today, we came across with a video Ad of Samsung Galaxy S2, This video is basically nothing but talk against the iPhone. In this video, Korean company explains why should some one needs to buy Samsung Galaxy S2 rather than iPhone 4S. This video shows how the Samsung mocking at the new iPhone 4S and make fun of the group of People who are lined up to buy iPhone 4S.

We all know that iPhone 4S users are having bad times with its battery and Samsung uses this point in their video. The ad maker also explains the Galaxy S2 has a better bigger screen and the 4G technology which iPhone 4S lacks.  Apple and Samsung have been in court's since last six months, when Apple sued Samsung for copying their Trademark designs.

If Apple will give an answer about this Ad, it will start a new era of Ad-fighting between these two companies. What do you think about Samsung Ad? lets us know in the comments section.

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