PayPal Launches Facebook app for Sending Money

By  at Friday, November 18, 2011  

PayPal has integrated with Facebook to launch a new app that allows people to send money with the click of a button via PayPal accounts. The name of the app is "Send Money”. This is a great app for the people who want to wish and present monetary gifts to their loved ones on their birthdays and other events.

Now in addition to Ecards sharing on walls and simply wishing people they can easily send monetary gifts through this new app. This will surely increase the number of hours people spend on Facebook.
According to a survey 80 percent of the PayPal members are also on Facebook and about 500 million Ecards are sent by Facebook users each year. Based on the data from these surveys it is expected that this app will surely be a great hit as millions of people will start using it to send monetary gifts in addition to Ecards and simple wishes.

This app will also help businesses and different companies to carry out their daily business deals. Facebook (a vast social network) was already a great place to engage and interact with customers and flourish one’s business. Now with the launch of this useful app the customer and the organization both will get a lot of benefits.
It also offers other features:
  • For the People who don’t like their gifts and want to return them are given an option to receive money in via PayPal accounts.
  • This surely is a faster and easier way to transfer funds to customers for rebates.
  • Last but not least awards are given to people participating in surveys and polls.

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