OmniFocus and Siri Combines to Add Tasks to Inbox

By  at Sunday, November 20, 2011  

Now there is a new capability in OmniFocus app. It's now on talking terms with Siri , the voice assistant on the iPhone 4S. Now Siri can be used to add a task to the OmniFocus Inbox even without sending an email. Now you can just ask Siri to remind you of ABC thing that you need to do, as normal .

To get this setup , just follow this guideline.
In the iPhone OmniFocus app , go to settings , scroll down to 'iCloud Reminders', turn it on , then type in your Apple ID. And that's it , you're already done! Easy isn't it?. From there you can ask Siri to remind you of any particular task , enter a time or location you like , and that task is going to show up in your OmniFocus inbox.

If a time and date for the is specified , it will slot into the right date in OmniFoucs, so if any reminder you add today or tomorrow will appear in your 'Due' perspective. This might remove reminders from Apple's Reminders app and shift them over to OmniFocus app . But this might be a plus point for those who rely heavily on OmniFocus.

Sync of Siri-generated task between OmniFocus on iDevices and Mac is not seamless at the moment . It takes few minutes for OmniFocus sync and iCloud to figure out everything. Once an item goes into the Inbox in the OmniFocus iPhone app , they should appear in the Inbox on the iDevice and Mac one a manual or an automatic sync occurs. Sometimes it can take a little time and lag a little and a few syncs for all three OmniFoucs apps to show the same Inbox.

But there is hope and expectation that Apple will provide more support for Siri integration in third party apps , which will greatly improve this sync. But still this is a great new feature for OmniFocus.
For more info and and demo videos on setup , check out Omni Group's blog post on Siri support

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