Microsoft Windows 8 delayed?

By  at Friday, November 18, 2011  

The next OS by Microsoft namely Windows 8 was expected to be released in the year 2012. But the latest updates from the company claim that it is not hitting the markets before 2013. "I think it's about a year away," said Michael Cherry (Directions on Microsoft) when asked about the completion of Windows 8 code.

Technically speaking a code named as RTM is first released and made available only to the PC Manufacturers to install on their new machines. According to Michael this code is expected to be released somewhere in the last quarter of 2012. After the release of this code there is a gap of 90 days and then the OS is made available in the market.

This will be a big letdown for all the companies like Nokia and Samsung who were planning to introduce a Windows 8 based tablet in the second half of 2012. All those releases are going to get postponed due to the delay by Microsoft. All the people waiting to get a Windows 8 based tablet in 2012 are going to be disappointed.

The new Windows 8 by Microsoft is going to be Microsoft's first windows version designed to work on laptops, tablets and desktop PCs.

"I think the work they are doing is really good, but really good stuff takes time" said Cherry. But still most of the people think that Microsoft really needs to make a move in the market before Apple’s iPad and Google's Android based tablets capture all of the market shares.
[Via: Times of India]

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