Microsoft to Release Two Different Xbox 720 Versions?

By  at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

Apparently Microsoft is planning to launch two new gaming consoles which are going to replace the older version i.e. Xbox 360. In 2005 when they introduced the Xbox 360, they launched two models of the console. One model was a cheaper one which had the target market of a casual gamer and it only had the basic features without a hard drive.

The model with higher price had a hard drive and a wireless controller. Microsoft is planning to do the same with the Xbox 720 gaming console. It is believed that Xbox 720 would be released by Microsoft in the year 2013.

The cheaper version of the Xbox 720 will offer similar functionality to a set-top box. This version will target streaming media services like Netflix and cater to more casual gamers. The model with relatively high price will feature an optical device a hard disk and backward compatibility with the older version of Xbox.

Rumors have it that Xbox 720 will contain a six core CPU, an AMD Graphics card and 2 GB of Ram. With such specifications Xbox 720 will surely be a delight for all the hardcore gamers out there.

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