Microsoft Promises Less Annoying Restarts in Windows 8

By  at Sunday, November 20, 2011  

Are you annoyed of rebooting your computer every time you’re Windows Installs some update, patch or tweak? Well Microsoft has promised that fewer restarts will be required in their upcoming O.S Windows 8. You will not be asked to reboot your computer every time you update your windows.

"When it comes to Windows Update, one of the most discussed topics is the disruptiveness of restarts in the course of automatic updating," Farzana Rahman, group program manager for Windows Update. Some windows updates are necessarily needed from time to time like security patches and other tweaks boosting the performance of the Windows. In the last O.S released by Microsoft users were prompted to restart their Computers almost every time an update was installed which was very annoying for the users as they had to leave their important work in some cases and restart the PC. But in Windows 8 Microsoft has devised a new method of updating the windows without having to restart the PC after every update.

With the new method of updating you will have to reboot your PC once in a month and that is the day of Microsoft's familiar Patch Tuesday. Any updates that require a restart will wait until the second Tuesday of each month. There may be exceptions like if Windows needs to install some critical security update which needs to be installed immediately users will have to restart their PC. In such cases the Reboot notification will pop-up at the windows log on screen and will stay there for three days, not interrupting and reminding you to restart your computer after every hour. After three days windows will give an automatic restart message and will restart only if the PC is locked or there are no applications running.

Moreover Windows Store would offer Metro-style apps with an integrated update process to make sure they're kept up-to-date.

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