Measures Heart and Breathing Rate on iPad 2 Using Vital Signs Camera App

By  at Saturday, November 19, 2011  

iPad 2 is the most selling tablet and one of the main reason behind this is the amazing apps available in  App Store. You will not find such great apps on any other platform as on the App Store. The main thing which I love about my iPad 2 is the entertainment apps on it but I have one great useful app on my iPad, Called Vital Signs Camera App.

It seems to be strange but it is so true that this app will help you to measure your Heart rate and breathing rate on your iPad 2 using its front facing camera. This app is only available for iPad 2 , now and the reason behind this is due to availability of camera in this device. When you will open this app it will automatically activate the front camera.

Follow the following tips:

1) Place the iPad 2 on a table.
2) Position your face inside the marked area.
3) Sit still and quiet during the measurement.

This app basically measures your heart rate by the change in color of your face and to measure the breathing rate it uses the motion of your chest. After checking it you can take a screenshot and can even share it on Facebook or twitter.

That’s it for this amazing app; don’t forget to check this out, it’s available in App store just for $0.99.

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