'Jew or Not Jew' App Dropped from iTunes

By  at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

The French Anti-Racism groups dropped the lawsuit filed against Apple when they removed the app “Jew Or not Jew” from their online store.The application which came out in the August of 2011 had provoked the French Jews and human rights groups; according to them the application violated the French penal code.

The application allows users to guess whether public personalities are Jew or not. The French law which forbids the collection of personal data such as a person’s ethnicity or a person’s religion without the permission from the individual was violated by the application.

The application was removed from all the European online Apple Stores but it was still available on the United States Apple store. The lawsuit was dropped after It was removed by John Levy; the creator of the app.

The application was created by Frenchman Johann Levy and according to him, his intentions were to show pride in being Jewish. Levy said in September on French radio Europe 1:
“I did it out of healthy intentions. I am Jewish myself. The goal was just to bring a feeling of pride to Jews when they see that such-and-such a businessman or celebrity is also Jewish.”
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