iPad 3 Prototypes Tested by Apple - Sporting 3D Display (Report)

By  at Tuesday, November 22, 2011  

There are various rumors and speculation circulating around the web of what Apple's next tablet will offer it's fans. Many of the fans were left disappointed by iPad 2's negligible set of updates. Even though it has a dual-core processor, both of the camera's were of poor quality and mysteriously the retina display was absent.

There were rumors for a large part of 2011 with one of the Hollywood insider stating the likelihood of a 3D iPad 3 as a "dead-cert". The '3D' rumors were given a boost with a prototype of iPad was spotted in Taiwan sporting a 3D display a month later. According to BusinessInsider, Apple has experimented with 3D screens. According to the source , the iPad 3 was often called iPad 3D in early prototypes but Apple didn't decide to go with it as they didn't want it to be a gimmick according to the source.

A little more insight was provided by the tipster about the 3D screen Apple experimented with, claiming it would have been similar to Nintendo 3DS which doesn't require those irritating 3D glasses to put on. Despite fearing the gimmicky label , Apple hasn't ditched the idea altogether and 3D will likely make a return at some point in time when it is useful as pointed out by the tipster.

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