iOS 5.1 beta Code revealed iPhone 5

By  at Tuesday, November 29, 2011  

Earlier today, As we posted that Apple has seeded iOS 5.1 beta for iDevices. We have found something great for you. In the code of this new release, Developers has something really amazing for you. According to the developers, Apple is going to release an iPhone 5 in the near future. Because a code name has been found in the iOS 5.1.

According to the image posted above, it is clearly mentioned that Apple is going to release iPhone 5 soon. In this picture, iPhone 5,1 is shown which represents the next generation iPhone, iPhone 5. The first iPhone released back in 2007 and called iPhone 1,1. The next-gen iPhone was iPhone 3G which was called iPhone 1,2. While iPhone 3GS and 4 was called iPhone 2,1 and 3,1 respectively.

So in the same order, the last iPhone released was iPhone 4S which was dubbed as iPhone 4,1. And the next iPhone 5 will be iPhone 5,1. However, What will be the features of the new iPhone. Many rumours already showed that it will have a 4.0" screen. So, It will obviously be a new design and will be changed from the older ones.

What do you think about this new iPhone? Will it be released soon? And what features it will have? Please let us know in the comments section.

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