"The Insanely Great History of Apple" Poster

By  at Sunday, November 20, 2011  

In the current era, almost everyone of us is dependent upon gadgets, whether it's a tablet, computer or a smart phone. Apple is one of the most popular companies of today. Now Pop Chart Lab has used infographic format to pay tribute to Apple in the form of a poster which is the perfect gift for any die-hard Apple fan. The poster contains every product developed in 1983 to the latest iPhone 4S.

Steve jobs was the man behind Apple. He had a vision and he made it happen.Although MP3 players were still released in the market before 2001 , the 1st-gen iPod took the entire market by storm. Never has the world seen a portable music device which reinvented the market.And now couple of years back , iPhone brought a revolution in the market of smartphones. Although other companies might disagree, but there latest smartphones have many similarities to the Apple design.

The tablet devices were brought to the forefront with the introduction of iPad which is a popular choice among the consumers even with a high price tag. The consumers also love the iPod touch which has a large data capacity.

The poster is costs $20 and those who are able to get it are surely going to consider themselves lucky. This is because with only 500 made, it is very limited in supply. If you don't want to miss out on this precious collector's item , then head over to the site and order now before the stock runs out.

Will Apple be able to keep up with other companies after the death of Steve Jobs? Certainly Apple hasn't been a one-man show but Jobs was responsible for them company's most pivotal products. With the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 underway, we can hope the company continues to amaze us with innovative and revolutionary products in the future.

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