How To Gift An App Of iPhone Or iPad In The Finest Manner Possible

By  at Monday, November 28, 2011  

Sometimes it seems so perfect to gift someone special an iPhone, iPod or iPad app. Apple has made it easier to give someone an app as a gift by buying it directly from the App Store. Holidays, birthdays or for any other occasion, you always can buy the best gift to give from an Apple App Store.

Give an iPhone, iPod or iPad App as a Gift

Sending someone a gift was never so easy, but with an iOS device you can gift apps from App Store with ease.
1.Start the app from an App Store.
2.Browse through the categories and select the app you want to gift.
3.Click the tab Gift this App present on the bottom of the screen

4.A brief description of the selected app will appear. Go through it and click Next.

5.After filling the form the screen is displaying, click Next.

6.Thoroughly read the review, click the tab Buy Gift and there you go with the best gift you could give.

7.If you are done with the transaction, click Done or if you want you want to go for another app gift, then click on Gift Again.

With Windows or Mac, you can still gift an app from iTunes

You can always gift an app right from iTunes on your desktop, even if you don’t have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
1.Start iTunes on your desktop.
2.Select the app you want to send as gift.
3.Click on the tab, Gift this App.

4.Complete the given form and click Continue.

5.The summary is shown here, give a thorough check to it and click on the tab Buy Gift.

Some implication while sending a gift internationally!

Only can be sent as a gift through iTunes only if the sender and the receiver share the same country settings. For example a US iTunes setup can only send the gift to the people with a U.S. App Store accounts. This is applicable to all regions. So if you really want to send an app as a gift to a different region, you will have to send cash through PayPal or any other cash transfer service along with the note recommending them to buy the selected app you have chosen to gift.

Isn’t it wonderful! Aren’t you just ready to buy an iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app right now for your family and friends!

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