How to Install Siri Dictation on Mac or Windows PC ?

By  at Thursday, December 01, 2011  

Touchpad is a VNC remote control app for iPhone which will convert your iPhone into a mouse and a Keyboard. It means that you can type on your Mac , PC or even Linux by using the Virtual Keyboard of your iPhone. Moreover, it will use the touchscreen of your iPhone as the Mouse. Recently, this app got a major update allowing Siri dictations to use on your Desktop.

Yes, all you need is to speak and everything will be automatically written on your Mac, Windows or Linux PC. There is mic button on the VirtualKeyboard of your iPhone. Simply tap the button and say whatever you want to write. After you're finished, hit the Done button and it will automatically write text on your PC.

This app is available in App store for $4.99. Go to this Link and download this app. Try it out and Let us know did it saved your time?

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