How to Fix iOS 5 Errors

By  at Saturday, November 26, 2011  

How to fix iOS 5 Problems ? Believe me almost every user of iOS 5 must have been faced with such errors while updating to iOS 5. The problem might have been a result of excessive phone calls, downloading, updating and pinging Apple’s servers.

There is nothing much to worry about, but the only solution is to carry on with the updating trials. The following tips work and all only for those who are running OS X.

1.Start with downloading iOS5 if you still don’t have it.
2.Locate the .ipsw file contained in the hidden folder. The best way to reach it is by clicking Go to Menu on your Desktop and then select Go to Folder.
3.Here, type ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates/ and click return.
4.Select the file and copy it to some other folder, most preferably to the desktop.
5.Click on iDevice in your iTunes setup and hold the same option while at the same time click Restore.
6.Run the .ipsw file that you have just downloaded.
7.Keep trying the same process until the solution gets resolved. You might have to try it for many times.

This works for those who want to get connected instantly, while others can always wait till tomorrow when it can get resolved all by itself.

NOTE: Here is a warning for you, there is a possibility that following this procedure deletes the phone content or even bricks your phone. So do it carefully and under your own responsibility.

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