Galaxy Nexus Beats iPhone 4S in Most of Benchmark Tests

By  at Saturday, November 19, 2011  

Galaxy Nexus is the first Android device featuring Ice cream Sandwich 4.0 and is also said to be the most stable Android Phone. Well, it is not released in US yet but it is available in UK. This 4.7” monster kicks the iPhone 4S in many benchmark tests. As you can see the browser speed test graph of different smart Phones and tablets, the Galaxy Nexus did it better than all other devices. It won the browser speed test.

The Galaxy Nexus also win the JavaScript loading and have faster load times as compared to Motorola Droid RAZR and iPhone 4S. The real thing behind this whole scenario is the Ice cream Sandwich which makes it so perfect to beat the any other smart phone. All we can say is that Google has optimized the browsers in ICS in such a good way that it works faster than any other device.

Well, when we talk about the GPU, no one can beat the Apple Monster, iPad 2 and even the iPhone 4S. So, the Galaxy Nexus may be a good device in browser testing speed and load faster but if you want to go for gaming, still Apple devices are better than any other smart phone out there.


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