Fix iTunes 3194 error when downgrading 5.0.1 to 4.3.3 / 4.3.5 using TinyUmbrella

By  at Thursday, November 24, 2011  

How to fix iTunes 3194 error when downgrading from 5.0.1 to 4.3.3 / 4.3.5 or what ever iOS version? We will show you how tweak Hosts file in order to bypass iTunes 3194 when downgrading iPhone? Here is a 2 step guide that is going to help you do this!

For Windows:

Step 1 : Open Notepad or any text editing tool. After that , launch windows explorer or press Windows + E , navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and then in ETC directory open the HOSTS file with Notepad.

Step 2 : Add "" at the last of HOSTS file and then save it.

For Mac :

Step 1 : Open Go -> Go to Folder and then enter path/etc

Step 2 : Launch HOSTS file via TextEdit or any text editing tools and add "" at the last of the file

Then follow this guide to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 5.0.1 using TinyUmbrella. Note that some iPhone jailbreakers who downgrade their devices from iOS 5 back to a lower version experience "No service issue". It is recommended to restore the iPhone back to iOS 5 if this error shows and then jailbreak it using RedsnOw 0.9.9b8 as there's a no fix for this error at the moment.

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