Fake Jailbreak App Pulled From App Store

By  at Monday, November 14, 2011  

Earlier today a startling discovery was made. An app that claimed to jailbreak all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models on iOS 3.0 or later firmware went online for download on the App Store for a little while, before it was finally pulled by Apple.

This discovery was particularly interesting because everyone knows that Apple hates jailbreaking and it has tried several times to get the courts to deem it illegal. While jailbreaking is legal, it doesn't mean that Apple can't try to refrain people from doing so by making it harder and harder to find jailbreak exploits.

Such is the case with the new iPhone 4S and iOS 5 firmware for which no untethered jailbreak is available as of now, due to the fact that no untethered exploits have been found as yet. Now when this app went online on the app store, it is bound to have attracted many people who have been looking for a jailbreak solution. This fake app cost $9.99 and it really was a simple game, not an app that could jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

What newbies don't know is that jailbreaking is always free. The developers don't charge for it so always stay away from such scams. The good news is that the app has now been pulled from the App Store. Can you think how this app actually got online on App Store when we know that apps are strictly checked before being approved?


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