Fake A Conversation With Siri !

By  at Monday, November 28, 2011  

iFakeSiri is a handy tool if you are looking to fake a conversation between you and Siri. Siri doesn't give you answers to all the questions e.g jailbreak questions,personal information etc.. can't be answered by Siri.

In other words, iFakeSiri is an online web-based service that allows you to create an image of a conversation between you and Siri. Like in the above image , we had a conversation with Siri asking about which site has the latest jailbreak news and surely it's limera1n.cc

The only thing you're required to do is to head over to this site and write down a conversation between "Me" and "Siri". Once done , click "Create your Siri conversation" and that's it.

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