Facebook to Release its First Smartphone with HTC

By  at Wednesday, November 23, 2011  

Facebook in cooperation with HTC is launching a new smartphone which is expected to be released in 2013. With the Google Mobile Android OS this smartphone will have the social network baked in rather than tracked on. No details about the specifications and features of the phone have yet been revealed. The phone will run on a modified Android system which will have Facebook integrated in it and it will support HTML5 as a platform for applications.

The smartphone codenamed “buffy” is aimed to make a handset tailored for the California-based social networking platform. Rumors have it that Facebook and HTC are working on the project for the last two years.

The main thing Facebook is focusing on is to make the phone deeply social and they will do that by integrating it deeply with Facebook. A Facebook spokesman declined to comment directly on the “Buffy” project but said: “Our mobile strategy is simple: We think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social.”

According to MG Siegler: "Facebook is building a phone because Facebook has to build a phone. They can say all they want about being everywhere, partnering with everyone, peace and love, yadda yadda. The fact of the matter is that mobile is the future of computing and it’s currently controlled by two gate masters: Apple and Google."

This Smartphone is believed to be the future of Facebook.

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