Disable Passcode When Connected To A Wifi Network with CleverPin [Cydia Tweak]

By  at Friday, November 25, 2011  

If you own an iDevice(iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch) and use it quite frequently when connected to a WiFi network, you must have found it pretty annoying when your iDevice gets locked everytime and you have to unlock it again and again. But still, you don't want to remove your passcode lock due to security reasons. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. We have managed to found another Cydia Tweak which will help you, if you are in the same situation as defined above, CleverPin.

What CleverPin does is it allows you to choose some WiFi Networks(the ones you use mostly use). And when you are connected to your chosen networks, this tweak disables the passcode lock.

And wait a moment, that is not the only thing it does. It also kicks in if you’re playing songs on your device, charging the device, or are in airplane mode(only if you have chosen them too).

So whenever you are connected to a Wifi Network, listening to songs, charging the device or are in airplane mode, this tweak will automatically disable the passcode lock, saving you the trouble to enter the passcode each time.

The only thing we dislike about this tweak is that it comes at a hefty price of $1.99. But we think that it is really worth it's price. The tweak developers have really done a good deal of work on it, so paying for a tweak like this will be a good option. You can find this tweak in the BigBoss repo.

What do you think, will you try this out or not?

Note: Your device must be jailbroken in order to use this tweak. You can jailbreak any iOS device running any version of iOS by checking our Jailbreak Wizard.

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