Considering iPad as PC, Apple will be No. 1 PC Seller in 2012

By  at Monday, November 21, 2011  

The IT analyst firm, Canalys, reported earlier that Apple will be the world's Number 1 PC seller by the End of June 2012 beating the current ruler of PC market, HP. If we include the shipments of iPad, Apple was the second company selling largest amount of PC's and tablets by the end of the third quarter of this year. Apple has shipped 415 million PCs and which are about 15% more than the previous year's selling. Apple shares expanded from 9% to 15% just in the one year.

Well, the scenario of this analysis is different actually, because analyst has count iPad as PC. And No doubt iPad is the most selling Tablet holding more than 50% of the Tablet market. But here, HP totally failed, they released Touchpad for $499, but soon discontinued it so it was sold for mere $99 at different Online stores. This thing decreased HP market shares.

But According to Canalys, Apple may be affected by the Amazon  Kindle Fire. Because this Affordable, yet perfect tablet will decrease the sales of iPad. Canalys also foresees significant increase in PC shipments in the Latin America and Asia Pacific regions in this current quarter

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