California Inmates Harassing Victims Via Facebook

By  at Monday, November 21, 2011  

It has been reported that inmates are using smartphones and different social networks to harass the victims. These smart phones are smuggled into the prisons and jails in the USA. Lisa Gesek, mother of a 12 year old daughter told that her Ex-husband who is in prison for kidnapping her and her daughter is harassing her by sending friend requests and sending his threatening pictures to her account. Lisa is really worried as the day for his Ex-husband’s January release is getting closer.

"It's just being victimized all over again," she said terrified of the situation.

The California Corrections Officials monitoring the social network sites told that they have found a lot of other cases in which a number of other inmates have been reported to harass their victims and witnesses through Facebook and other social networks. The Corrections department confiscated 12,625 phones in just 10 months this year. This is becoming a very serious and terrifying problem as the officials have no way of proving that the inmates are really victimizing the people. A few of the people who get caught red handed have to face serious circumstances.

The California legislatures have approved a law bringing up six months in jail for corrections employees or visitors who are responsible for smuggling the smart phones into the prisons while inmates who get caught with the phones can now lose up to 180 days of early-release credit.

In the old times prisoners used a third person, a friend in most cases to threaten the victims now with the help of Facebook and other social networking sites it has become easier for the prisons to do this without the help of some third person.

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