Blur Notification Center Background using BlurriedNCBackground [How To]

By  at Friday, November 18, 2011  

Cydia tweaks are really great because they enhance the functionality of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But we have found a cool tweak which will make your iPhone more elegant. Are you sick of the black background of your Notification Center? You should try this brand new tweak from the Cydia store. Called BlurriedNCBackground, this tweak will add a blur effect to your Notification Center. By using this tweak you can blur the notification center and make it transparent which will add an amazing effect to the Background of your Notification Center unlike the native black background.

Installation of this tweak is just like other tweaks which is very simple. However, we have different options under settings for this tweak. The first option is the Gaussian Blur radius which depicts the amount of blur you want for the Notification Center. The second option is the divide Ration and the last one is known as asynchronous. It basically helps you to improve the loading capacity of the Notification center. If it is On, Notification Center loads first and blur effect is applied after loading. But if it is off, than Blur effect will be applied before the loading of Notification Center which will cause a little delay.

So, that’s all about this amazing tweak, how did you find it? Please let us know in the comments section.

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