Beware Of the New Facebook Scam that Threatens to Delete your Account

By  at Sunday, November 27, 2011  

Facebook users are getting threatened to delete their account unless they provide various account details within 24 hours. The users are getting certain emails which seem to be from Facebook. These emails say that the user is violating the rules and conditions of Facebook and unless some personal and financial information is provided, their account would be deleted.

"The emails are entirely bogus," says Lisa Vaas on Naked Secutiry Blog. According to Lisa these emails are meant to steal credit card numbers and other financial details from the users.
Hoax-Slayer warns the users not to click on the link. “Those who fall for the ruse and click the link will be first taken to a fake Facebook 'Account Disabled' web form that asks them to provide Facebook log in details and part of their credit card number."

The users are asked to fill three different forms after they open the links. Once the users have completed the first form they are taken to a second fake form and then a third fake form. The users are asked for their credit card numbers multiple times. All these fake forms have the aim of grabbing the credit card numbers and personal details from the users which can be used to harm or threat the users later on.

"Remember, neither Facebook nor other reputable social media sites would ask for this information. The mere request is a surefire way to suss out bogosity." Said Vaas, warning the users not to open the links and the mails.

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