iPhone Will Not Remain Safe From Malware Forever, Says Security Expert [Report]

By  at Tuesday, November 29, 2011  

The main debate these days is that Apple's iPhone is comparatively much more secure than any other smartphone which is running Google's operating system; this debate by some means or others is true.

Apple's emphasis on testing all the apps for iOS before making them available for use, makes sure that any malware or errors occurring already have been rectified. At few times apps which should not have been accepted were being accepted however provided that Apple's App Store offers number of apps making this system a big success.

On the other hand the Android approach which allows anyone to provide any app for downloading, the ability to install apps from web pages etc has completely ignored the Android Market. Google's system has earned some criticism for providing users an ease with which they can negligently install malware on their device.

Now an approved security expert has entered in the argument and suggests that though presently Apple is the safest of all but things never remain the same.

The well known cryptographer and security researcher Bruce Schneier affirms that the more we involve smartphones in our lives there is a chance of little computers to become more attractive for all those data hackers.

He also believes that for cybercriminals, smartphones will become an important platform of attack in future. As per the fact that phones are becoming an important part of people's lives thus they are they tend to become a more valuable device for criminals to run after.

Like Google is presently one fighting for security concerns as per its Market policy, Schineier thinks that Apple is safe and doesn't need to enter into this battle of security. He says there is a huge frightening internet out there full of people accessing it looking forward to take away your personal data.

He doesn't think the iPhone will be comparatively more secure because of Apple’s tight rigid policies for the app store.

Things are going good for Apple because of its strict policies of App Store. They'll continue to make Mobile Safari and webkit as secure as possible so that they can maintain their position amongst competitors.

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