Apple Suffers A Loss Of $2.7 Billion As Motorola Wins The Injunction [Report]

By  at Saturday, November 19, 2011  

Apple has been fighting with different companies since quite a while with lawsuits. Until now, it has succeeded in most cases, but it looks like that even Apple has to lose sometimes. Another gadget manufacturing company, Motorola had sued Apple a few days ago, and has surprisingly banned Apple from selling in Germany — the single largest market in Europe resulting in a heavy loss for Apple.

Following this decision, Apple reported that it would suffer a loss of $2.7 billion, and requested the court to demand Motorola provide $2.7 billion in collateral in the event the judge sides with Motorola. However, Apple's hopes were crushed as the judge denied Apple's request,
"I am not yet entirely sure that amount adequately mirrors the commercial value of this dispute … The technology isn’t a standard and there are alternative ways to provide the same services."
So Apple will have to patiently suffer the loss of $2.7 billion. We just have to wait and see how Apple responds to this. Keep an eye on our site and we will keep you updated.

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