Apple Products are the Most Favorite Products Among US Kids and Mature

By  at Friday, November 18, 2011  

Apple has made many revolutionary products, starting from its iPod to Mac, all products are really amazing. And perhaps this is the only reason that it is the most favorite Electronic technology brand among the people of All ages from kids to Mature people, all prefer to buy their products. The guys over Nelson have done a study about the Electronic products which the kids and Mature wants to buy in the Next 6 months. Well, the results were quite amazing because iPad was the most liked product for all the people.

According to the survey; 44% kids (6 to 12 years age) would like to buy iPad in the next six months. While iPod Touch was on the second number on the priority list with 30% kids. The third product is the iPhone and 27% kids wanted to buy an iPhone in the next six months.

Similarly, rest of the people having age more than 13 years also liked to buy an iPad in the next six months. You can have the idea of their priority from the image posted below.

What would you like to buy in the next 6 months? Please let us know in the comments section.

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