Apple iPhone Sales are Exploding - Here are Some Reasons Why

By  at Wednesday, November 30, 2011  

Apple’s iPhone 4S has been the top selling smartphone in several countries including USA, U.K in the last month of October. According to a report iPhone 4S was accounted for more than two fifth of the total sales in the U.K. 2011 has proved to be the best yet for Apple and it is expected that their sales will increase in the coming year. The iPhone 5 will certainly increase the market share of Apple in 2012.

iPhone is considered to be the best smartphone on the planet. The company’s ability to attract the potential consumers is not a new thing. Apple’s marketing technique is one of the biggest reasons for its exploding sales across the globe. Other reasons for its increasing sales are:
  • It’s the iPhone. The name says it all. People from all over the world want to get their hands on the one and only smartphone from Apple
  • Apple has done a great job with branding. People trust the brand and it is believed that iPhone will hold up over time.
  • More and more carriers are now offering smartphones as compared to the past few years. Last year only AT&T was offering the smartphone. Now Carriers like Sprint and Verizon are also offering the iPhone
  • Another great thing about the iPhone is its pricing. Customers can get the iPhone 3GS free from carriers. iPhone 4 is available for $99 with a two year contract. While the latest model is available for $199.
  • Apple has no good competitors currently in the market. It dominates all the other smartphones companies easily.
  • Apple launched the iPhone right on time in the holiday season.
  • The Online App store is also a key selling point of Apple's iPhone. There is a vast number of Apps available on the App store to increase the functionality of the device.
  • SIRI, which is a unique voice-activated virtual personal assistant, is also captivating the customers. Apple has done a great job of promoting the feature to excite the customers.
  • This year Apple is selling three different iPhone models. More phone models means more sales.
  • The OS offered by Apple for its smartphone is more secure than any other. 
[via eWeek]

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